School Hygiene is a one-stop anti Covid-19 solution for protection of children’s safety at schools. Our products are perfect for providing hygienic conditions for children from Grade 0 to Matric.

It may be difficult to enforce social distancing in the classroom and so children have to be supplied with masks or visors for their safety and the teachers also need protection. The sanitising range is essential for body and hand hygiene of learners, teachers and the school classroom has to be kept as anti Covid-19 virus-free as possible. We supply a full range of reusable masks and also one-use daily masks, visors, children’s hat visors, dispensers and a fully accredited range of both eco-friendly or alcohol-based sanitisers, available in all sizes.

For those who don't want to have alcohol-based products we also offer a range of enzyme-based, eco-friendly, alcohol free sanitisers and cleaning aids which are kinder to hands and the environment. On 5L and 25L bottles it also offers a substantial cost saving. Of course, all these products are ideally suited for use in an office or factory environment too.

Other hygiene products available on request. Please contact Clem on 082 449 1781